Current Research

Digital Aurora conducts extensive research to inform data strategy development and realization. We have a deep appreciation of the real world data and advanced analytics landscape and an eye on the next generation of solutions and resources emerging at the intersection of healthcare and life sciences. 

Our Research themes include:

  • Advanced Analytics & Data Science: Research on methods, technologies, and practices to generate evidence and insights from complex data environments
  • AI-enabled Drug Discovery: Tracking the emerging cohort of AI-based drug discovery platform companies
  • AI-enabled Clinical Development: Tracking the emerging cohort of AI-based technologies and services companies targeting clinical development
  • Clinical Trial Innovation: Landscape assessments on the emerging cohort of health systems and technology companies focused on transforming clinical trials
  • Data Labs as Collaboration Platforms: Research and strategy papers on the role of trusted platforms to enable multi-stakeholder collaborations for real world evidence generation 
  • Digital Biomarkers and Endpoints: Over the horizon assessments on emerging digital trends in biomarkers and clinical trial endpoints
  • Health Equity Research: Landscape assessments and strategy papers on addressing health equity issues for medical product manufacturers
  • Patient Engagement and Digital Health Technologies: Research and strategy papers on the role of patients in generating outcomes evidence
  • Real World Evidence Networks: Research and strategy papers on emerging capabilities for internal and external real world evidence eco-systems
  • Real World Data Strategies: Quarterly horizon scan reports and briefings on trends in data products, technologies, and partnerships
  • Reference Architectures: Models for establishing data management and analytics platforms for multi-domain evidence ecosystems