Our Story

Digital Aurora was founded in 2005 with the idea that a new evidence ecosystem would emerge at the intersection of medical product innovators, healthcare providers, and patients.  A new research and evidence ecosystem spanning the continuum of patients, providers, payers, and the entities discovering and developing innovative therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics.  

From the start, the focus of our work has been to research and write about the emerging technologies, regulatory science, and healthcare policy trends and developments that are contributing to the development of this new ecosystem.   We follow the emergence of new types of research data resources, data management and collaboration platforms, advanced analytics breakthroughs, and the emerging disciplines that are accelerating the generation and utilization of evidence to enable better patient outcomes. 

Our efforts at Digital Aurora have contributed to the development of research data networks and unique multi-stakeholder research partnerships designed to explore new evidence generation methods and models. Our research white papers and landscape assessments are informing research data, analytics, platform, and partnership strategies at our health system, biopharmaceutical, and medical device clients.

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